Who am I?

Just one Angry Admin. Working manly with Linux / Unix systems running open-source wherever possible.

This blog has no relations to any social media accounts.

Why am I writing another fucking tech blog?

I’m sick of sysadmins only reading half the docs and flooding stackexchange or such with stupid questions. If you don’t know what you are doing, learn it or leave it! As a sysadmin you have a fucking responsibility to your clients. Don’t work on systems you don’t know without reading the docs! Focus on security! RTFM before you ask questions! Don’t complain about non-tech-savvy people asking “stupid” questions, it looks like magic so take the time and try to explain it! If you can’t explain a complex topic in simple/layman’s terms, you didn’t understand it either! Also a lot of people tend to learn everything from youtube. Nothing wrong with that, but videos are no text documentation. Nobody should ever just copy-paste code one doesn’t understand, but it is handy to read upon topics or code in your own speed instead of pausing videos.

Contact me if you find errors. Nobody’s perfect. If you want to contact me, you’ll know how.